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There was a scene in the movie "The Outlaw Josey Wales" where Chief Dan George held a piece of rock candy up to his eye and said, "it's not for eating, it's just for looking through." Well, this page is a bit like that. This furniture is not for sale, it's just for looking...

I made this model furniture from solid oak. It is scaled to "Barbie" size. I tried to make it exactly the way full-size furniture is constructed.

Everything works. All drawers will open and close just as big ones do. All lids open and close. The bed slats are removeable. The mattress is made just as a big one. Same for the pillows. The pictures, vases, flowers, etc., are all to scale. The mirrors are real.

It took me much more time to build this than it would have taken me to build a full-size bedroom suite. It is signed and dated by me.

No. Please don't ask. I do not want to build another.

--Al Williams

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