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50 Favorite Mantovani Melodies

Only The Lonely -- Roy Orbison

7 Lonely Days

Butterbeans -- Little Jimmy Wilkins

In The Still Of The Night

La Vie En Rose

Mantovani ~ Favorite Melodies From The Operas

Pachelbel ~ Forest Garden ~ Album

Anytime -- Eddy Arnold

My Happiness -- Connie Francis

-- MUSIC --

It Was Just One Of Those Things

The 50 Most Loved Records Of Your Life

Making Believe (That You Still Love Me)

You Made Me Love You

I Walk Alone by Eddy Arnold

Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine

In Dreams -- Roy Orbison

Too Old To Cut The Mustard -- Foley & Tubb

-- VIDEOS --

The Carpenter And The Dogwood Tree -- Video Recitation

Hooked On Swing Dancing -- Video

With These Hands -- Video by The Temptations

What A Wonderful World -- Video by Louis Armstrong

Reflections Of My Life -- Video by Dean Ford

Old Dogs, Children & Watermelon Wine -- Video by Tom T. Hall

Lara's Theme from Dr. Zhivago

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