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“The Seniors” XII 2003 World Champion Of Poker
No Limit Hold Em – First Place

Albert D. Williams of Haleyville, AL

I started playing twenty five cent limit poker in high school over fifty years. I soon graduated to a no-limit 5 card stud game two or three times a week. These games were held in various secret places around our little town. We played in secret because gambling was "agin' the law" and the local gendarmerie tried mightly to preserve the morality of our small southern bible-belt town and prevent this blatant flouting of "the law." It didn't work. I have played poker in one form or another ever since. I still play occasionally although all of my old poker buddies and our no limit five stud poker game are now gone.   (One of my pending projects is to write a book about this five stud game -- if I get around to it before my last hand gets dealt...) I am retired, widowed, and live with two small dogs in our country home near Haleyville, Alabama. Among others, I write Southern Gospel Music and play poker as hobbies.

“Oklahoma” Johnny Hale and Albert D. Williams

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