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Phillip died from lung cancer on March 1, 2000.
He was my kid brother...
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Phillip kept a diary for many years.
He'd enter the details after each day's hunt.

Mustang WHAT ???


Note that Phil and Richie
are standing OUTSIDE the gate...

Phillip had a hip replacement due to a childhood bike accident. Six weeks after the replacement he climbed Black Butte, the mountain in the background, with his good friend, Dennis, and I.

Phillip and Dennis at the summit of Black Butte, Montana.

I made this photo while Phillip was in high school.

It earned him the lifelong nickname "Pierre", and, of course, that of "Mr. P".

Phillip was a singer and musician,

artist and caricaturist.

Phil's representation of his

"Coat Of Arms"

Phillip and Lady

Phillip took his Bounder on a solo trip across the southwest USA. One night he camped alone with his small dog, Lady, in a remote desert area of Nevada. The only car that came by during the night ran over and killed Lady.

The cross reads, "Lady 7/92 - 7/25/95 - I Love You Lady - Dad". Phillip left Lady's bed and toys at the foot of the cross.

...one of the few times that I ever saw my brother cry was when he told me this story.

This photo of Phil and Kathy demonstrates Phil's subtle sense of humor. One of his friends was trying to get him to laugh while this photo was being made. You can see Phil's response by looking at his left hand.

Phillip Owen Williams
October 15, 1942 -- March 1, 2000

Rest In Peace, my brother.

Hey P, how about having the camp set up and the fire going when I get there.    -- Bro

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